World Tox Center




We live in the age of chemicals and computer.


Extensive knowledge in chemicals and their application today are still stored exclusively in the safes of large chemical plants.


Information on chemicals and their application today mean power. No wealthiy country nowadays may risk to do without this potential.


The only chance to protect people against this is to make available to all nations this information and at the same time instruct the civilians about all possibilities of treating an intoxication and to prepare them in practice. This may lead to more détente in the world.


It is the task of the World Tox Center:


Stage I.


A planning commission for stages I. – IV. and the theoretical training of the first teachers for Saudi-Arabia in the first development stage in Munich and a mobile training centre in Riyadh, which may be moved to another city in Saudi-Arabia.



Stage II.


Hospital building of WTC in Riyadh and a teaching hospital in Munich in which the teachers from Saudi-Arabia are practically trained at severe, often suicidal intoxicated patients and can apply their knowledge at the first poisoned  patients in Riyadh.


Stage I. and II. should be started at the same time.




Stage III.


Set-up of further Tox Centres in all towns in Saudi-Arabia according to the same scheme. Training of the doctors with severely poisoned patients in the teaching centre of the Tox Centre in Munich.



Stage IV.


Set-up of Tox Centres in all continents to record the respective new toxological findings and  to transmit them to the WTC in Riyadh. Exchange between toxocologists of the world.


From the toxological point of view Riyadh is the centre of the world.


With the exception of the establishment and the training all institutions are economically self-sufficient. The treatment of the patients, missions in case of poison catastrophes in the world  

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 (oil disasters, poison gas in the air etc.) and the transmission of poison emergency requests will ultimately lead to considerable annual profits.


Many countries of the world are interested in this project, however, only Saudi-Arabia has the financial resources, the neutrality and the reputation necessary to unite the world.


Planung Dr. Daunderer 1979 (verboten von unserer Regierung, da „das Gleichgewicht im Nahen Osten gestört würde“, zuletzt 4 Mio. Kosten geplant).